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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to delete saved queries?

  • In your browser go to
    • Click on the Queries & Reports button.
    • Then click on the Queries Button.
    • Now click on the word Query.
    • Type in your Data Warehouse ID and Password then scroll to Choose A Querying Method.
    • Select Delete One Or More Saved Queries.
    • Then click on the Continue button.
    • This will bring up all your saved queries. You can select more than one query at a time to delete.

  • How can I find out when a table is refreshed?

  • Click on the Information button on the Data Warehouse homepage.
    Click on the words Refresh Schedules.
  • Or on the Information button, click on Data Warehouse Table Load Information. This lists the last time a table was loaded

  • When I go into the Data warehouse using Netscape and run a query and try to run another query it keeps the previous query selections. Is there a way to change this in Netscape?

  • Yes, you can change this so Netscape verifies documents every time.
    Follow these steps:
    • In Netscape click on Edit. A drop down menu will appear.
    • Select Preferences
    • Click on Advanced (Category)
    • Select Cache.
    • Look for document in cache is compared to document on network.
    • Choose Everytime
    • click ok

      This is what Cache does:
      The Cache is used to keep local copies of frequently accessed documents and thus reduce time connected to the network. The Reload button will always compare the cached document to the network document and show the most recent one.

  • How do I or can I stop a query in the Data Warehouse after I hit the submit button?

  • Yes, you can kill your own query. There are two options for killing a query with the web query tool.
    • The first is to click on the "Kill Current Query" button at the top of the edit box page. This will bring up a blank page. When the query is killed you will see the message "Killed All Active Queries" at the top of this screen.
    • The second option is on the Queries and Reports page. Click on the Oracle link in the second bulleted statement under "Queries". This will bring up the "Kill All Your Queries" page. On this page, enter your userid and password. Then click on the "Kill All Queries" button. This will bring up a blank screen. When all your queries are killed you will see the message, "Killed All Active Queries" at the top of this screen.

  • How do I get access to the Data Warehouse?

  • Go to this web address. href=

    Click on the ‘Request Catalog item on the left hand side of the screen
    Click on Access Request Form (ARF) under Top Requests
    Fill out the appropriate forms.

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